MiniLab电子实验记录本 How it works

最近的调查中发现来源于研发团体的原始数据,超过50%都存储在科学家的本地电脑或是纸制的笔记本中,因此开发一个基于安全认证系统的数据储存和提取的软件平台是科学家迫切的需求。A recent survey found that more than 50% of the original research data is stored in scientists’ local computers or paper notebooks. Therefore, it is most urgent for scientists to use MiniLab Notebook software platform for data storage and extraction based on a security authentication system.

MiniLab Notebook是一套集数据采集、分类、储存和提取的平台,科学数据管理可以达到无纸化办公,并有助于提高研究效率,方便科研合作与交流。MiniLab Notebook is a set of data collection, classification, storage and extraction platform, help scientists manage research data with paperless, and help your lab improve research efficiency and facilitate research cooperation and communication.


Compare paper lab notebook with electronic lab notebook

纸本实验记录具有很多弊端:研发数据记录不规范;数据分散难以检索;重复实验多;部门协作困难;很难长久保存;耗费存储空间。Disadvantages of paper lab notebook: Not standardized R&D data records, scattered data and difficult to retrieve,difficult department collaboration , difficult long-term storage and storage space is consumed.

电子实验记录本的优势:实验数据可靠合规,容易被检索,提高数据综合利用度,缩短项目周转时间,永久贮存。Advantages of electronic lab notebooks: experimental data is reliable and compliant, easy to be retrieved, improved comprehensive utilization of data, shortened project turnaround time, and permanent storage.

实时上传存储,构建您的核心大数据Upload and storage for transforming your research core data


节省宝贵的实验时间Save your experiment time

取代纸板记录本,大大减少手工输入和报告撰写时间。Replace the paper lab notebook, reducing manual input and report writing time.

保护知识产权Protect your intellectual property

工作流可以提供完善的IP保护。MiniLab Notebook workflow can provide you IP protection.

非常容易上手 Easy to use

清晰的用户界面,基本无需培训,即可上手使用。You can get started with clear user interface.

帮助您实现您组内研发人员数据的内外部分享,并支持文字日期等多中检索方式方便您随时查看需要的实验记录数据。Help you realize the internal and external sharing of your lab R&D data, and support multiple retrieval methods such as text and date to facilitate you to view the experimental record data you need at any time.